5 Safety Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

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Swiping your credit card on a credit card payment point is just like any other form of electronic or card payment. This means the same security guidelines that you are advised to keep when making other forms of electronic transactions also apply with a credit card.


Here’s a quick run-down of safety tips that will save you from being a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud.


  1. Treat Your Card Like Cash

Your card is just as important as physical cash. In fact, to a cyber thief, your credit card details are more valuable than the change you have in your purse. So, with this in mind, it is important to guard your credit card the same way you do your naira notes. Don’t leave your card in the hands of a stranger or lying where people can read the details on it.


  1. Report any Lost or Stolen Card

If your credit card gets lost or is stolen, be sure to report it to your card issuer as quickly as you notice. This will allow for quick security action to be taken in order to secure the funds linked to your card.


  1. Keep Your PIN and Passwords private

Your PIN and passwords are sensitive information that can grant the wrong hands access into your credit card funds. Be sure you do not share this with anyone, not even to anyone claiming to be an official representative of the financial institution that issued the card.


  1. Check your account activities very often

Monitor all cash inflows and outflows to your credit card account, and be sure to clarify from your financial institution any noticed discrepancies or transaction alerts that seem unusual.


  1. Keep your credit card details safe

Your card may look like a piece of plastic with numbers on it, but that’s all a cyber thief needs. It is important not to let unknown and unsuspecting eyes or ears pick out details from your credit card. Do not call out the numbers on your card within the hearing of someone else, and be careful who handles your credit card. It is also unwise to post photos of your card on social media or save it on a public device.


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