Business Credit Card

Business Credit Card

The O3 Business Credit Card is credit card for business owners and SMEs. It can be used in Nigeria and your repayment at the end of the month is made exclusively in Naira.

Having an O3 Business Credit Card provides a solution for unexpected expenses and short-term needs. It allows you short-term financing for your business, purchase products or services whenever and wherever you want.


  • Extra Cash. Enjoy up to N2,000,000 You have access to funds to cover short-term needs and unexpected business expenditures.
  • Improved Cashflow O3 Business Card would help your business improve its cashflow.
  • Convenience It is secure and convenient for frequent business travellers.
  • Reconciliation Monthly Card Statement shows full visibility of spending while on business trips, for easy reconciliation thereby eliminating any oversight.
  • Safety Carrying our card is safer than carrying cash

Card Features

  • No Collateral/Zero Deposit
  • 24 Months validity
  • EMV compliant to ensure online security
  • Minimum Mandatory Repayment of 10%
  • No Bank Account Restrictions


Joining fee N15,000
Monthly service fee N2,000
ATM Cash withdrawal fee (Per Transaction) N200
Supplementary Card issuance Fee N5,000
Card Replacement Fee N2,500
POS Interest rate 4%
Cash withdrawal interest rate 5%
Late Payment Fee N2,000


  • Cash advance 5%
  • POS – 4%

Daily usage limit

Number of times you can withdraw daily from the ATM 10
Number of transactions you can do daily on both POS and on-line 20
The maximum you can withdraw from an ATM daily. 
 NOTE: This is dependent on the configuration of the ATM you are withdrawing from
The maximum amount you can spend on POS daily, this includes on-line transactions N1,000,000


  • Duly completed and signed business card application form
  • Statement of Business Account for the Last 6 months which must be stamped and signed by the Bank or Your account officer can send it to us at care@o3cards.com.
  • 1 Passport of Signatory to Business bank account
  • Valid ID of signatory to bank account (National ID/Driver’s license/International Passport/Permanent voter’s card)
  • Company ID of bank account signatory
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Registration documents: Form CA2 and CA7
  • Duly completed and signed Guarantor’s agreement form (Guarantor has to be a business owner)
  • Guarantor’s company ID
  • Utility bill of the business owner
  • Utility bill of the business enterprise
  • Signed undated cheque

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