Corporate Credit Card

Corporate Credit Card

The O3 Corporate Credit Card can be issued for out-of station members of staff, thereby eliminating the risk associated with cash movement. It can also cater for your expatriate staff by removing the account opening bottlenecks for the portion of their salaries paid in Naira. The O3 Credit Card is a NAIRA-denominated credit card and can be used in Nigeria, and repayment is made exclusively in Naira. Our credit cards would work on the existing Interswitch network which means they would be compatible with all ATMs, POS Terminals and Internet Payment Sites in Nigeria.

The card would be the Corporate Card of the Company from which supplementary cards would be issued to the staff nominated by the company with the respective credit limits as requested.


  • Travel Expenses Control/ Tracking O3 Cards gives you greater control over your Travels and Expenses (T & E) and every day business expenses.
  • No Account Opening Bottlenecks You do not need to open a new corporate account nor individual accounts for your staff.
  • Simplified Accounting Simplified Accounting as multiple invoices can be paid off in a single monthly transaction.
  • Ease of Reconciliation Monthly Card statement shows full visibility of employee spending while on business trips, for easy reconciliation thereby eliminating any oversight.
  • Staff Safety Improved safety for staff members, who no longer need large amount of cash for trips.
  • Unlimited number of Supplementary Cards There is no limit to the number of members of staff that can be allocated supplementary cards. It is subject to the company’s request

Card Features

  • No Pre-Determined Limit on the Primary Card
  • Naira-Denominated
  • No limit to number of supplementary cards
  • Accepted everywhere in Nigeria
  • No Collateral/Zero Initial Deposit
  • No Bank Restrictions
  • EMV compliant to ensure online security
  • Revolving Credit
  • No Prior Customer Relationship Required
  • Easy Access to Credit
  • Full Repayment at the end of billing cycle


Joining fee N15,000
Monthly service fee N2,000
ATM Cash withdrawal fee (Per Transaction) N200
Supplementary Card issuance Fee N5,000
Card Replacement Fee N2,500
POS Interest rate 4%
Cash withdrawal interest rate 5%
Late Payment Fee N2,000

Daily usage limit

Number of times you can withdraw daily from the ATM 10
Number of transactions you can do daily on both POS and on-line 20
The maximum you can withdraw from an ATM daily. 
 NOTE: This is dependent on the configuration of the ATM you are withdrawing from
The maximum amount you can spend on POS daily, this includes on-line transactions N1,500,000


  • Duly completed and executed Corporate Credit Card Application form.
  • Duly executed Card Agreement Form.
  • All Supplementary card application requests MUST be accompanied with the employees Company ID and one passport size photograph.
  • Board Resolution: This document shows the consent of the board members of the prospective corporate card application company to have a credit card business relationship with O3 Capital Nigeria Limited
  • Certificate of Incorporation: This is a certificate authenticating the incorporation of the company. It contains basically the company’s name, Registration (RC) number, registration date, CAC’s registrar-
  • General’s name and signature on CAC’s inscribed paper. This is checked via search at CAC to confirm that the company is properly incorporated as it is the document which confers a legal status on the prospective company customer
  • Request Letter for prospective supplementary card holders
  • Company’s Audited Financial Report

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