Credit Card Usage – 10 Wise Ways to Enjoy your Credit Card in Nigeria

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From enjoying special discounts to benefiting from reward programs and utilising spending limits, there are many benefits of credit card usage that a lot of Nigerians are not aware of. In this article, you’ll learn ten amazing ways having a credit card can make your life a lot easier.


5 Benefits of Credit Card Usage


  1.  Access Quick Loans

When you have a credit card, you do not have to worry about how to cover sudden expenses because, with a swipe of your card, you can directly lend money from your provider without the need for collateral or any tedious paperwork. O3 Cards can give you a credit card value of up to  ₦1.5 million!


  1. Take Advantage of Discounts

Credit card usage is a great way to save more by shopping at greatly discounted prices. Providers like O3 Cards partner with stores and merchants nationwide to bring its credit card users the best deals and special sales in the market.


  1. Fund Your Business

With funds constantly available to you as long as you regularly settle any outstanding balance, credit card usage is a great way to secure cash inflow into your business. O3 Cards empower you to expand your business without going through the hassle of applying for a loan from a traditional bank.


  1. Benefit From a Reward Scheme

With regular use of your credit card, O3 Cards give you special points which can earn you cashback on certain purchases you make at specific stores.


  1. Control Spendings

O3 Credit Cards allow you to have unlimited complimentary cards to give to your child or employees or anyone of your choice. It also allows you to set spending limits as well as monitor all financial transactions linked to the card. With a credit card, you can monitor and control the expenditure of any dependent.


O3 Credit Cards – Nigeria’s Most Convenient Credit Card

O3 Credit Cards is a special credit card that offers users easy access to CREDIT from ₦100,000 to ₦1,500,000 with no worries of bank restrictions! To enjoy credit from O3 Cards, you do not have to open any new bank account, make an equity contribution or pledge any property as collateral.  O3 Cards eligibility credit card usage requirements are simple.


You must be:

  • Between 21 – 55 years of age

  • Resident in Nigeria

  • A salary earner with at least a gross monthly salary of ₦200, 000 or an Entrepreneur with a 6 month average turnover of ₦200, 000.


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