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We’ve all been in that position before; You’re broke. Like totally broke. And it is at that point that every single bill you owe comes calling. PHCN bills are due. Your just realized that your savings can’t cover your full rent. You need to pay the fees your online degree. And you absolutely need to go to work for the rest of the month.

You weigh your options…Ask your friend Gbemi for a loan? You know if you do that, the entire world will know because Gbemi likes to gossip. Plus Gbemi can’t borrow you enough to cover half of your rent.

Ask for a salary advance at work? That will probably take 3 days before it is approved…And you know you can’t play hide and seek with your landlord for 3 days.

That, right there, that mental gymnastics you do every single time you need a loan, is why you need a credit card.

The average individual is faced with an emergency expense, that unplanned or even planned spending that just can’t be covered by the cash at hand. With a credit card, such expenses can be conveniently covered even when you have no money in your account.

Credit cards are also great for emergencies which may be health or any pressing emergency, especially in situations where you need a down payment before you can get a doctor can come attend to you. Credit cards are necessary as they empower you to meet your needs and solve your problems as they arise.

Another advantage of credit cards is reliability. Once you’ve applied and been approved for a credit card, you’re secure in the fact that you can get cash or make payments whenever you need it.

Credit cards are also great for taking advantage of business opportunities as they are able to provide you with the required capital to invest in a business to ensure you do not miss out on such opportunity. This is particularly good for entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs as it helps them fund their business and scale-up their existing business.

How to get a Credit Card in Nigeria

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