How to get a credit card in Nigeria without collateral

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I booked a reservation at Golden Tulip Hotel Ajao Estate last night. When I woke up the next day, I was famished. So, I decided to get myself breakfast. Guess what I had as Breakfast?  Well, I had spaghetti, hotdog, plantain, mushroom, and a chicken lap.  Enjoyment right? Well, Maybe. While eating, a white man joined my table and we greeted each other and we conversed while we both had our meal. While conversing, the white man told me he has issues using his credit card here in Lagos.

I replied, “Maybe your credit card is not accepted in Nigeria”.  He was perplexed and asked, “what credit cards are used in Lagos?” I said credit cards are not widely used here in Nigeria. only specific locations that have more foreigners residing there and companies that deal with international transactions often accept credit cards.

But major providers like MasterCard, Visa and America Express should work here.

He was convinced and asked me if he can get a credit card here in Lagos. I said, “Yes, he could”. So I picked up my phone and run a Google search on how to get a credit card in Nigeria.

From the result list, I only knew of O3cards so I suggested that to him. We checked the site for their contact information and show him the address of the company.

Long story short. We went outside, took his car and we took off to 18A Jerry Iriabe Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria using the Google map as our guide and I was assured we were heading to the right place.

In the car, I did more lookup into O3cards and discovered the company we were heading to provides only verve cards which means it’s a Naira card and you can use it anywhere here in Nigeria. The card is collateral-free and no secured deposit is required which I think makes it the best choice anyway. So I told him that when we get to the office he should ask them everything he wants to know.

So we got to our destination and he conversed with a representative who guides him through the whole process of getting his credit card. And he scheduled a date to pick it up.

After this long day hustle with the white man and my experience with him, I decided to share a quick and brief write up with you on how to get a credit card here in Nigeria without collateral.

Will you like to know? Of course, You will.

Let’s start with what a credit card is? A credit card is just like your bank card used at the ATM to withdraw money from your account. Unlike your debit card which only has access to money you have in your bank account, credit card, on the other hand, gives you access to loan money that you can spend and you will pay back at an agreed date with interest and some agreed charges.

Why should you get a credit card? Well, the reason is simple. Just imagine, if you need a loan from a bank or financial company you will have to go through a long process and oftentimes end up being charged high-interest rate.

But on the other hand, using a credit card reduces all the stress and interest rate applied to get a loan. Also if you are punctual with refunding your payment, this helps you increase your borrowing limit and also give you a good credit score that enables you to gain more access to funds easily.

Let me share with you a quick scenario that happened to me. I’m sharing this story because it relates to what I’m sharing with you. Here’s it…

My grandma owns a shop, she sells edibles and provisions. So, whenever I’m broke and hunger calls, all I do is to go to her shop and pick up noodles and some other days Gala and Soft drink.

My debt bill sometimes reaches 1000 Naira and grandma always ensures I pay her first before taking anything else. So I ensure I always meet up with her demand and paid consistently.  Because of my consistency in paying back, I was further given the opportunity to get goods up to #2000 before she switches on the alarm bell. I meet up again consistently with the #2000 and it gradually increased to #3000 and the limit kept increasing. Well, that’s how your credit card works.

The best part of this credit card is that you don’t need any collateral, unlike typical traditional loans that require some sort of deposit or collateral. Credit cards don’t require any. You can get the card through the online application, provide the required documents and Bam! You have your card and funds in it.

In conclusion, if you want to get a credit card in Nigeria, based on my experience with the white man I met today, go to the website or go to 18A Jerry Iriabe Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

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