• How does O3 safeguard information about me?

    O3 understands how important security and confidentiality are to our customers, so we use the following security techniques, which comply with or even exceed federal regulatory requirements to protect information about you:

    • We maintain physical safeguards, such as secure areas in buildings; electronic safeguards, such as passwords and encryption; and procedural safeguards, such as customer authentication procedures to protect against ID theft.

    • We restrict access to information about you to authorized employees who only obtain that information for business purposes.

    • We carefully select and monitor the outside companies we hire to perform services for us, such as mail vendors who send out our statements. We require them to keep customer information safe and secure, and we do not allow them to use or share the information for any purpose other than the job they are hired to do.

    • We train our employees on these security procedures, providing security awareness reminders and conducting regular audits to verify compliance.

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