The Benefits of a Credit Card to Customers

These days, there are many personal loan options that one can access if they need to quickly finance some emergency expenses. However, while a regular bank loan and a credit card may have similarities, a credit card has special advantages that make it moreit more it more valuable than other loan options. This is because a credit card offers more than just a loan sum; it offers flexibility, convenience, security and financial rewards. In this article, we will highlight the special benefits of a credit card to customers.


  • Cash Rewards on Your Purchases

Many credit cards have a reward system. This means for every purchase you make using your card, you can earn certain points that qualify you for other benefits like a refund, a voucher or some special deal. This is not usual with regular bank loans since they are one-off sums which you receive and payback at the agreed date.

  • Access to Special Discounts and Offers

Access to exclusive shopping promos and discounts is one exciting benefit of a credit card. Many stores and retailers who are in special partnerships with your card issuer, will offer you their goods and services at an exclusively discounted prices. With a credit card like O3 Cards, you have exclusive discounts accessible to you with merchants nationwide.


  • Lower Risk of Loss in Case of Theft

Unlike a debit card, your credit card is not linked to your bank account and this works to your favour in a case where your card has been stolen. This is because even if a thief uses your card to make payments online, you won’t lose money immediately since credit card charges aren’t withdrawn immediately. This gives you time to report to your card issuer so they can freeze your card and exempt you of any liability for fraudulent transactions.

  • Helps to Monitor and Limit Spending

A credit card comes with the specific cash limit of your loan amount. This means you cannot use it to purchase more than the loan sum that you have received. This is a great way to monitor how much you’re spending. For example, if your monthly car maintenance costs are solely covered by your credit card then you know to limit your expenditure to the capacity of your card. In fact, a credit card is a great way to monitor and limit the expenses of a dependent or staff.


Finally, O3 Cards offers one more unique benefit over other credit cards. It is the only non-bank credit card issuer. This allows you to enjoy your credit card benefits without limiting yourself to a bank or its policies.

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